About Bluewater

Everyone has the right to drink clean water

At Bluewater, we are doing so much more than just selling spectacularly efficient water purifiers, we are pioneering a new generation of health and wellbeing solutions.

From the day we launched our brand in 2013 our vision has been to deliver water purifiers that tangibly do good for the people using this. This means offering pristine water to drink, prepare food with, cook with and much more.

Our founder and CEO, Swedish entrepreneur Bengt Rittri, was driven by the idea to innovate and market globally the world’s best water purifiers because he believes that everyone has the right to drink water free of contaminants.

For him, and all of us working at Bluewater, our ethos is that clean drinking water is a basic human right. Bluewater exists to provide our customers at home or at work with products that wow them by giving them water as pure as nature intended.

Achieving our vision involves tapping into the skills, energy, confidence and positive emotions of everyone working at Bluewater. Our success at continuously doing that ensures we keep the company innovating, creating value and astonishing our customers in a world where loyalty is tougher than ever to earn.