Why Bluewater


Everyone has the right to drink clean water


Our body is around 70% water, our brain is 90% water. So it clearly makes sense to make the most of the water we consume to stay well, battle fa-tigue, flush out toxins, improve complexion and boost immune systems.


Water is vital to our health and wellbeing. Yet, critically, many projections by institutions such as the International Food Policy Research Institute warn that the world is facing rapidly deteriorating water quality that will increase risks to human health. Data in 2015 from NASA reveals how the world is running out of water as the world’s largest aquifers are being depleted at alarming rates. 


The unavoidable truth is that there is not an infinite supply of water. If quality is deteriorating, then increasingly we must take greater individual responsibili-ty to assure our drinking water is safe and healthy to consume. And does not force us to use highly costly solutions like bottled water delivered in plastic that also endanger our planet’s fragile environment.


Bluewater’s leading-edge technologies remove over 99% of most known pollutants from tap water, including micro-organisms, pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins that threaten human health and impact taste. Our water purifiers have been engineered to deliver unmatched premium filtration, high flow capacity and direct flow with no need for a tank – all from a compact, great looking design. Our unique water purifiers and filtration systems are de-signed to limit waste water to extremely low levels, while our Pro model even turns brackish water into great tasting drinking water. 


Bluewater’s premium water purifiers are innovated with love in Sweden to help deliver enhanced health, wellness and peace of mind at home and in working or business environments.